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Enhancing wellbeing in a noisy world.

Behind QuietOn

Janne Kyllönen

Matti Nisula

Our Story

It all started in an airport electronics store while waiting for a connection flight. Upon trying on a pair of noise-cancellation headphones, Janne felt like being in the silent bubble in the middle of the crowded airport and his stress levels had reduced immediately. Then he started thinking: Why hasn’t noise cancellation technology been used more? What are the key issues which prevents its widespread adoption by a wider audience?

The answer was simple: The device needs to be wire-free and small enough to fit in the ear, thus enabling sleeping.

But is that kind of product technically feasible? To get the answer to that Janne called to old colleague Matti who is known expert both in audio and electronics. Matti loved the idea and they started make planning how they could miniaturize noise cancellation technology for the earplug form factor. Janne and Matti built several iterations of smaller and smaller prototypes of QuietOn and, finally they had in their hands the world first and only pair of earplugs, which were small enough to enable sleeping with the head on the pillow, plus noise cancellation performance that was even better than market's leading noise cancellation headphones.

The prototype was put straight into usability testing and was presented to the first investors. The feedback was great and product development was started. While developing prototypes with improved electronics and industrial design, they spent a lot of time analyzing ear anatomy to find the perfect shape, and spent countless days finding ways to make the technology even smaller and more reliable without compromising performance. Additionally, they designed the small charging box to maximize portability and ease of use. With all of these key boxes checked, they filed the appropriate patents and were officially incorporated as QuietOn.

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